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Wedding and Special Occasion Makeup

Hi everyone, I thought I would set up a blog to give you all an insight into my style and technique of makeup application and the tools and products that I love to keep in my kit, as well as some useful tips and tricks along the way.

I specialise in makeup for weddings and special occasions and from the feedback I have received I have found that most of my clients choose to book with me for my natural approach to makeup, this may be because they are not used to wearing much on a day to day basis and would like to keep their look fairly simple whilst still feeling and looking like their usual self.

I am definitely a true believer that 'less is more' when it comes to makeup application, especially for something as important as a wedding as most of the day is spent in natural daylight. Bridal makeup could be described as the most difficult to apply as it is subject to close scrutiny. I always tell my brides that the makeup should accentuate their best features and the finished result should be totally natural as they must look radiant both in the flesh and on the photographs and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Makeup for other special occasions such as evening makeup for a party or Christmas ball can be a little more adventurous. I love to experiment with colour and much brighter and bolder colours can be used when applying makeup for an evening as certain shades such as greys and browns are often subdued in artificial light. Dramatic and smokey eyes are always a popular choice as they are easily visible to others in under lit areas such as a bar or a nightclub and they can be adapted to suit all eye shapes.

Makeup is an art form where colours and styles can be adapted to suit any occasion, whether that be soft and natural for a wedding or glamorous and dramatic for an evening. My approach is to listen to the clients requirements and choose the right colours and products to suit their individual needs, leaving a confident, radiant and beautiful you :)

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