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Why hire a Makeup Artist for your wedding?

One of the lovely things about carrying out a makeup service for a bride and her bridal party on the morning of a wedding is seeing how excited and happy they are, as its a chance to be pampered and to feel like a true star! A very large portion of my clients have always admitted that they have never experienced having their makeup done before by a professional, so some might wonder why they would want to take the risk now on a day as important as their wedding?

Hiring a makeup artist means that you have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day and the time spent when having your makeup applied is a chance for you to sit back with a glass of bubbly, catch your breath and really enjoy and soak in the atmosphere.

Professional makeup artists undergo a lot of training and practise to understand what products are best to use and how they should be applied for different skin types, face shapes and hair and eye colour. It is not simply a case of slapping everything on and hoping for the best! Our goal is to listen to your requirements and work with those to best suit your look and leave you feeling a more confident and beautiful you.

I always highlight the importance of booking in a trial run before the date of the wedding as this is a great chance to meet up and talk through what type of finished look you would like for your big day. It is also a perfect opportunity to try out the makeup beforehand and make sure you are happy with how it sits on your skin and how well it lasts. When carrying out a trial with my clients I usually bring my camera and take a few photos of the finished look to send over after the appointment. I find this helpful as makeup can sometimes look washed out on camera than in real life, so it gives myself and the client a chance to see if they are happy with how it will also look on photographs and if any amendments need to be made for the date of the wedding.

When you hire a makeup artist you can be rest assured that the makeup applied will be exactly what you want, will feel great on your skin and keep you looking your best throughout the day and into the evening, all without you even having to lift a finger. What could be better than that? ;)

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