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The wonderful world of foundations!

Finding the right foundation to wear is usually the hardest part when it comes to applying your own makeup. There are so many different brands, textures and coverages to choose from that it is hard to know where to even start, the key is to find one that is right for your skin type, skin colour and the type of look you are wanting to achieve.

As a makeup artist foundations are applied to even out natural skin tone, camouflage imperfections and provide an adhesive base for other cosmetics. Foundations are available in various forms such as cream, liquid, gel-serum and mousse, therefore before selecting one to buy it is a good idea to look into what these different textures mean and what they do.

- Cream foundations are great for skin that is suffering from dehydration and dryness and are also popular for mature skin, they are designed to keep the water content of the skin at a level which ensures softness and suppleness. They are often of an oil base, which means they are of a heavier coverage. I love to keep a set of cream foundations in my kit for clients who are looking for a heavier but flawless coverage, they are great to use for special occasion and night time makeup looks.

- Liquid foundations are generally the most popular and are suitable for all ages and skin types. They are usually water based and provide a light to medium coverage. They are easy to apply with either a brush or your fingers and come in hundreds of different shades so you are sure to find the right colour for you. As a makeup artist these are my 'go to' foundation type to suit all ranges of different faces and skin types.

- Gel-serum foundations are the best if you are looking for instant radiance which is why they work so well for drier or mature skin types. They effortlessly glide onto the surface of the skin and give a lighter, natural and more sheer coverage.

- Mousse foundations which commonly come in a light and fluffy whipped texture are the best for normal to oily skin. They contain micro-air-bubbles that make them incredibly easy to apply and are best used with your fingers. They generally leave more of a matte finish and can be layered without being too heavy.

Usually it takes some trial and error to find the right foundation for you, but when you do it can completely transform your makeup routine!


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